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Far and Away
Far and Away by Scythe
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scorpion mastermind unregistered
#7   21 May 2012
nice map! i'm liking it
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Dave Rep. 0
#6   22 Dec 2011
Este es un mapa parecido al espacio eternal!!!
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pat howard Rep. 399
#5   24 Jan 2010
Egyptsoc in space? Nice!
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Ian "Foralarx" Wilson unregistered
#4   01 Sep 2009
This is an excellent little gem of a map. Huge fun. Can't believe I haven't come across this one before. This should def. be in everyone's void map rotation. Load up space cadets !!! :)
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Rascar Kapak unregistered
#3   03 Mar 2004
If you' ve liked the Nunuk' s amazing maps, you' ll like this twilight map ! Fast and brutal gameplay, bots furious in CPM. Really good work !
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Scythe unregistered
#2   03 Mar 2004

I will most probably be re-releasing this map as part of a compilation some time in the not-too-distant future and I will go over the lighting since several people have mentioned it.


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Madan unregistered
#1   28 Feb 2004
A solid, well-built, frenetic space map. Bit on the dark side, with great ambiance and beatiful aesthetics.


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