Pacemaker by redfella
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AEon Rep. 780
#4   20 Aug 2009
I am a bit torn about this map. On the one hand there are really beautiful areas, like the grated walkways (see the lvlworld screenshot for the map), and the wonderfully sunny upper level. On the other hand there are these gritty to the point of ugliness lower areas, IMO.

The main issues in this map, IMO, are the respawn points that are way, way, waaay too far away from any weapon. It is not fun running around a large map trying to find a weapon. This could well be just "my problem", but I also found the layout confusing. And there are several areas where the player gets snagged, e.g. the grated bridges could have been made a bit wider.

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Madan unregistered
#3   28 Feb 2004
The gameplay was a bit off but not as bad as the reviewer made it out to be and the aesthetics of the map were both unique and attractive.

Nice job. Keeper.

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redfella unregistered
#2   14 Feb 2004
Yea, I really didn't know what I was doing with this one. I just kind of thru it together without much thought to the gameplaytheme etc. I agree, redq3dm2 is better for sure.

I got another coming out asap.


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{DEMO}LITION unregistered
#1   14 Feb 2004
Yes, a nice effort for a first map, redfella. But I thought the gameplay was a little off the edge. I much prefer redq3dm2.
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