A Genius Trapped in an Idiot's Mind
A Genius Trapped in an Idiot's Mind by R.P.G.

A Genius Trapped in an Idiot's Mind by R.P.G. is a Tourney map which was designed for play with Cpma, but in all respects the map is a vQ3 map. R.P.G. released this map upon us with it's q2 textured style and recommended that we play it in cpma.

When a person comes in contact with ProMode physics they in most situations (if you're like me at least =P) play all their custom maps using ProMode physics, and in many situations a person ends up coming to the result that most q3 maps are more entertaining with ProMode physics enabled. Sometimes you even find a jump that wasn't even necessarily a trickjump in a vQ3 physics environment, but when played in ProMode it made a completely other part of the map reachable which normally wouldn't have been in vQ3 without taking damage from a RLJump.

This is one of those maps.

With the appearance of a symmetrical q2 style base, this map is beautiful. There are several teleporters throughout the map which almost make the map a rage to play in vQ3, but in cpma the teleporters end up being the result of alot of headbanging. I found alot of great battles, and in your face fights on the map. It has great connectibility, and takes alot of energy to dominate completely. The firefights that take place around the MH are insane.

An overall solid map, and worth checking out for sure. Especially if your into Q2 style Q3 maps like myself. It's not necessarily "optimised" for cpma, but is very enjoyable with ProMode enabled.

Keep an eye out for this mapper also. I'm sure we'll be seeing more work from him in the future.

Reviewed by v1l3

Tigs Notes: The map source is available right here.

Ranked: 3.2 out of 5 (13 votes)

Download: A Genius Trapped in an Idiot's Mind by R.P.G.