Pain From Spain
Pain From Spain by Binaryshi & Munyul Verminard

A confident and accomplished piece of mapping. The design is pure Classic Quake nostalgia, from the copious quantities of lava to the Quake-style teleporters, complete with spooky sound effects. The design is of a castle type of structure built into volcanic rock.

The gameplay takes place through an intricate network of passages which interconnect with each other in surprising ways, allowing you to ambush opponents quite effectively.

Learning your way around isn't straightforward at all. The centrepiece is a swirling vortex of lava in the largest of the map's chambers, with a BFG on a rising and falling platform in the middle (a little secret: you can ride the platform down into the vortex and back up without damage).

The skybox is a lurid, hellish Terragen landscape of red sky and dust. Mostly the mappers have used id's own textures throughout, to great effect.

If you like your fragging hot 'n sweaty, Pain from Spain is made for you. Top class! Download now!

Reviewed by seremtan

Ranked: 3.9 out of 5 (28 votes)

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