Pain From Spain
Monday, October 20th, 2003,

Quake III Arena level "Pain From Spain"

============ LEVEL =================
title: Pain from Spain
ZIP file: 5,813,068
PK3 file: PainFromSpain.pk3 5,810,196
BSP file: PainFromSpain.bsp 7,956,684
AAS file: PainFromSpain.aas 2,301,248
brush count: 7662
entity count: 1031
curved patches: 1

============= PLAY INFO =============
game type: Free For All, Tourney
bot play: jep
bot preset: Daemia, Hossman, Hunter, Keel, Xaero
players: 4 - 16
fraglimit: 40
timelimit: 0

============ AUTHORS ===============
names: Binaryshi and Munyul
email: **email removed**
**email removed**

This level package may be distributed over the internet only in
its original zip file together with this text file. All of this
zip file's contents may NOT be modified in any way.
This level may NOT be used as a base for any other level, or be
recorded to CDROM or any other media for commercial or profitable
purposes without prior written permission from the authors.

Munyul (c) 2003
Binaryshi (c) 2003

editor: Q3Radiant 2.02:
misc tools: Q3Build:
map compiler: Q3Map v1.0p (c) 1999 Id Software Inc.
bot compiler: BSPC version 2.0, Jun 21 2000 16:12:44 by Mr Elusive
more techstuff: PainFromSpain.pk3\TECHSTUFF\*.*

============ SPECIAL THANKS ============
For making the great game Quake III Arena and giving us the tools with
which real=) Quake III Arena levels are made.

For hosting our websites on The Big Quake Node

For being the coolest review site for Quake III Arena levels, where
users can read about and download maps and are also allowed to vote and
submit their own comments.

Quake3World forums:
Burial Grounds Forums:
Thanks to all the guys that were willing to test beta releases of this
level and took the time to write down their thoughts about the map.

Sock: **email removed**
For making the wonderfull skybox called "Mars". It has carefully been
selected for use inside this level at The WadFather's site:

Quake III Arena 1999 Id Software. All rights reserved.