Kritische Masse
Kritische Masse by -cha0s-

A tightly-interconnected industrial-themed map which uses custom textures modified from Quake community packs. The level has many atmospheric features, such as cool blue neon lighting, dripping water, huge pipes and power cables going everywhere, a flooded area, and large smeary bloodstains in places - generally, a great atmosphere.

As mentioned, interconnectivity is good, with lots of places to catch unwary players. There is a good spread of weapons around, including LG, SG, RL, PG, RG and GL. The r-speeds are rather high, up to 13K max. The bots do play very nicely, even though they can not seem to reach the RA.

This is a must for anyone's map collection.

Reviewed by Foebane

Ranked: 4.4 out of 5 (47 votes)

Download: Kritische Masse by -cha0s-