Station 52
Station 52 by Quaker-X

Beautifully sculptured hallways and awesome texture work. I could swear that Quaker-X had the movie Aliens in mind when this beauty came into construction. Large hallways with looming ceiling constructs, electrical cables adorn the floors.

I really like the conduit in the floor. Lots of custom textures have been used throughout the map. The map is so large in scale you sort of feel like you're trapped in a giants world. Environmental audio is right on with the surroundings. Item placement is fine for the area given to maneuver. Gameplay is intense and very fluid. I played this map with bots and they seemed to hang around a jump-pad and one of the drop-off hallways, but once you get them in chase, they don't loiter there for very long at all.

A brilliant design and extraordinary environmental surroundings make this map one that you will definitely want to keep. Another landmark for a truly talented author.

I have to give this one the Ultraspank baby!! Hats off to Quaker-X!


Ranked: 4.2 out of 5 (34 votes)

Download: Station 52 by Quaker-X