AEon's Pyramid
by AEon
AEon's Pyramid by AEon

An Egyptian courtyard, this level remind me of some Serious Sam maps. The look is quite good and the atmosphere of it almost feels ancient. Anyway I'm getting lost there. The courtyard is big and tall. If you play in DM/TDM, be wary since the Rail Gun is placed in an excellent spot for snipping/camping. At the bottom of the map, in the middle, there is a sets of jump pads, just like in Q3DM17 (The longest yard) but the level at which you jump is quite big compared. In Instagib the map is also very good and even better sometimes than normal DM, since it has been designed with Instagib first. Some shaders and textures by Mr Clean, Sky by Mighty Pete and models by GrimReaper. Some details of the level where a little bit "chopped off" but it's for keeping the map fluid as the author said. The bots, like all maps from AEon, are very good.

Players who like Q3DM17 and/or Instagib should try this one!

Reviewed by DGhost

Ranked: 4.3 out of 5 (23 votes)

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