AEon's Capture
by AEon
AEon's Capture by AEon

AEon's Capture is not the best looking map but makes it up in gameplay. It is described as a Gothic CTF map. 4 entrance to each bases, a MegaHealth and a Red Armour in the middle, on top of 2 bi-pyramids, you can only get the items from a rocket jump. Pretty neat. Items are well placed, never too far away. Rocket launcher, Rail Gun, plasma and a Lightning Gun. 2 yellow armours in each base plus 2 other in the middle. Fighting in the map is excellent, it ask each team to be working together if you want to take control of it. Bot support: Yes, and they are even quite good, been a while since I've played a CTF map with bots only and it was rather intense. They take 3 route at least.

Excellent for single and multi-player game, gameplay is also good, it'll stay on my HD for sure!

Reviewed by DGhost

Ranked: 3.6 out of 5 (5 votes)

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