The WaterWorks
The WaterWorks by ninemil

At first sight I thought that this map was too wide, too open to my taste. After a couple of captured flags I realized that the game play is better than expected. The look of the map is rather beautiful. A techno/industrial look, you fight in some kind of water station, with pipes running everywhere.

Items are well placed. There is some glass where you can see on the other side but you can not shoot through. On the custom textures side, the author mention that you need to have the Threewave map packs installed or you will have missing textures. If you play CTF and you don't even have Threewave installed, it's shame on you!

The author mention that this map was designed with Classic CTF in the first place, but supports all CTF modes (standard, Team Arena and Threewave). Bot support: Yes, but they don't even move. You'll be very lucky if you even get hit by them.

This map could be very good for competition in multi-player, in single player, forget it, the bots are just not worth it. Should be a blast at a LAN party.

Reviewed by DGhost

Ranked: 2.5 out of 5 (10 votes)

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