Satan's CountryClub
Satan's CountryClub by hoboc1de

Satan's CountryClub by hoboc1de is a map made for tourney or a small FFA match. The authors first map and I must say that he did a very good job because this is one clean map.

The game play is fast paced, while being somewhat simplistic as the map is very open, but will deliver a game for those that like in your face game without having to search for your opponent. Professional tourney players will probably not find the map much of a challenge, as the floor-plan is very flat, with a more traditional feel.

All weapons are included, and a MEGA that sits on the bridge located in the center could lead to some good battles. I found item placement to be thought out well, as basically each atrium of the map holds a different weapon pickup with ammo pickups spread out evenly throughout.

Bots play this Gothic themed map just fine, and I found it even more of a challenge to play the map against the QFRAG bots as there is nothing like a wide open map with grappling bots that are shooting homing rockets at you!

Check it out, It's quite possibly a keeper.

Reviewed by v1l3

Ranked: 3 out of 5 (5 votes)

Download: Satan's CountryClub by hoboc1de