Sleep to Dream
Sleep to Dream by amethyst7

Sleep to Dream by amethyst7 is a blue and gray space map that has an elegance to it. The layout at first may seem kind of big but it has good connection and game flow. The architecture is well arranged giving the map a nice feel to it. At the edge of the top tier of the map there are barriers that will keep you from falling to your death if you catch the unfortunate shot from a Rail Gun. There is a good use of jump pads and even some mid-flight redirecting that puts a nice touch into it. Being a 3-tiered map the power ups are in the center of the map but are access from jump pads from the edge of the map. At the top there is the Quad, in the middle is the MegaHealth and on the bottom tier of the map you find the rail. Each must be gain in separate passes. Having the rail at the bottom center, which should give everyone a chance of obtaining it. Overall item placement seems to be well thought out. There are a couple of translucent walls that make for good advantage points. There is potential for some long distance railing and for close combat fighting. Bots also seem to play the map well, they do go for the MegaHealth, red armor and sometimes the Quad. However they tend to stick to the center of the map too much.

This will be a keeper for me, give it a roll.

Reviewed by RaveN Wolf

Ranked: 3.6 out of 5 (13 votes)

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