Sleep to Dream
Sleep to Dream - ame7q3dm2b2 12.23.2002

Installation - Move ame7q3dm2.pk3 to baseq3 folder, and dance like Karnov.
Description - A blue space space floater map, with kind of a DM17ish feel.

Supported Gameplay Modes
Single Player - No
Deathmatch - Yes
Team Deatchmatch - Sure
Capture the Flag - No
Tournament - Sure

Bot Support - Yes

Custom Textures - Yes, The Evil8 set by Evil_Lair.
Skybox - PurpleNebula, made by me.

Map by amethyst7, sometimes known as Chris Matz
**email removed**

- The Quake3World LE forum junkies, with extra icing for wviperw for going above and beyond with his help... again. :-)
- The Gibwars players, thanks for all your feedback and playtesting (
- The KILNET players, for more playtesting and feedback (
- Todtsletzer for taking the time and showing the interest to create some stuff for me, even though it didn't end up getting used. :-)
- Everyone else who sent me e-mail, dropped in on threads, or whatever and gave feedback.
- Rubik, MonkeyBoy, and the rest of the GotDoofed players for testing and running the Uber-l33t server.

All original copyrights still belong to their original owners.
All are welcome to distribute this .pk3 in it's entirety, with this readme and all other files transferred in their original state.
Please do not redistribute any files from inside of this .pk3 without my permission.