Satan's CountryClub

map is by me, hoboc1de, with alot of help from:

KillJoy, who helped me alot with balance and testing
Hoodlum, who lost to a "bring it on" bot on my map
mr.bob, who wanted to be in the credits for no apparent reason
all the guys at the quake3world level editing forum :D

gameplay is pretty fast, nobody gets all too stacked
unless you let em.. every weapon cept the bfg is
included, no powerups like quad or anythin like that,
just made for tourney :) suppose it could be used in
ffa, but its a small map, too many people/bots would
get really hectic. hope ya enjoy it, its my first map =)

default bot is ranger, and he plays through the map
decently.. bots cant seem to figure out how to get on
the altar for the +50hp, but other than that they run
the map pretty well.