We all need hope!
We all need hope! by Spiike

A large Gothic style map well suited for 6-8 players. The Gothic theme is carried well throughout the map, even the tech telports do not seem out of place. The map covers a lot of ground and areas range from tighter sections to wide open areas. There are a few thin walls (near Quad esp. which back onto the sky) which somewhat undermine the apparent solidity of those areas. The map can get a bit laggy in parts.

Over all a larger map, great for LANS. The author is willing to donate this map to any mod developers - just email him. This map has also been through the ..::LvL Beta section. Note: The ..::LvL Beta section was closed 15th June, 2008.

Updated - The release has been updated and includes a few changes since the original review. (7th Mar, 2000)

Ranked: 3.7 out of 5 (38 votes)

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