Take to the Sky (Tornado Remix)
Take to the Sky (Tornado Remix) by amethyst7

This map is eye pleasing from the very start. Nice clean textures and a skybox that will not annoy you. The shades of purple work well together.

The map is perfect for 1 on 1 matches with room for many tight rocket fights and yellow armour scrounging. Bot play was superb, occasionally grabbing the MH to keep things interesting.

I did have an issue with the ability to shoot through the mesh you can walk over on the upper level. Although after a few minutes I got used to it and more than anything it adds to the game play of the map.

Item placement seems spot on. The MH is in an easily accessible part of the map and this just increases the speed and flow of things.

If you're into Tourney matches download this map it's a keeper!!!

Reviewed by .VanZeR**.

Tig's notes: A Deathmatch version of this map is available as Take to the Sky.

Ranked: 3.6 out of 5 (13 votes)

Download: Take to the Sky (Tornado Remix) by amethyst7