In Perfect Harmony
In Perfect Harmony by MaGiC-WaLKeR

An RA3 release by MaGiC-WaLKeR. All the arenas have good game play. They are easy to move around in and easy to learn the layout. Textures are a little dull (same general color) but they all go well with each other.

As far as the individual arenas go, the first is good for rail battles, the second is good for rocket exchanges with winding staircases as well (that seems to be the maps' sub-style), the third one (requires a powerhouse to run) is good for everything but if you fall off you will get burned in lava. The fourth arena is my favorite, versatile, stylish and extremely quick. The final arena, the clan arena is very well constructed.

While some of the areas look a little vanilla and some of the areas contradict themselves, this clan arena is very good for huge battles. Overall, this RA3 map is very well done.

If you play RA3, you should ask server admins to load it!

Reviewed by BFG20K

Ranked: 4 out of 5 (12 votes)

Download: In Perfect Harmony by MaGiC-WaLKeR