In Perfect Harmony
Title : In Perfect Harmony
Filename : Ra3MW1Final.bsp
Author : MaGiC-WaLkEr
Email Address : **email removed**
Website :

Description : A multi-arena map for RA3 with 5 Arenas and one
Clan Arena
Well this is the final version i'm going to make
alot has changed like new sounds some and debuggi'n
Even the cfg file works now :)
But deltree all versions that you have you only need
the ra3mw1final.pk3 file

Special Thanks : - DarkChild FlowerGirl and SleepStalker for testing
the map with me.[and other's i forgot to mention]
- ID software for making the best game ever!!
- CRT for this real cool mod called Rocket Arena 3
- MAHQ for there great support for ra3 mappers
because it's hard to publish ra3
All the dude's on the MAHQ forum for helping me
with all kind's of stuff
- the Wadfather for those really beautifull sky's
- Slob for the light models in the ca and alot of
good advice on how to do thing's
- MrClean for his awesome texture's used in the Am Arena
- I would like to thank all the duwd's on hsf
they realy suported me tested the map asswell
And the server rotate's my map :)
- The creator of the flaming statue.I dont
know who actualy made it i d\l it from a site
but i have no clue where
- My dad for letting me use his pc for the compile
haha cause for some kind of reason it compiled
for 81 hours [hahaha lol]
- And to all the others that i forgot to mention dont
be mad i'll put you in the spotlight another time :)
- Special Special Thank's go to my sweet angel :)
she play's ra3 aswell and thats why there's an
arena in there for her.
Bizzoouuuu Amandine Je T'Aime!!!

-- Play Information --

Game: Q3A
MOD : Rocket Arena III
AAs : Well at this time i dont have it maybe i'll compile it...Once :)

Installation instruction:
Unzip into your Quake3\arena\ directory

-- Construction --

Base : Done from scratch
Editor used : GtkRadiant-1.1-TA
Known Bugs : If you try to load the map and it kicks you back to the
main screen try putting your com_hunkmegs on 80
Build Time : long enough to hope this map actualy plays well
Compile machine : P3 933 MHZ 256MB <-- little better than last compile :)

(c) 2001 - By MaGiC-WaLkEr
This map may be distributed in anyway you like, provided you include this
.txt file UNMODIFIED and distribute it for free.

CD-ROM publishers need the written permission from the author(s) before they can distribute this level.