Take to the Sky
Take to the Sky by amethyst7

amethyst7's entry in the Community Map Project 1. I am glad I got a chance to review this one.

This map is a multi level fragging area with a purple space station type of theme to it. I know what your thinking, purple? Don't worry, the author did well with Evil Lair's #8 texture set. The map is very clean and purple blends very nicely with the other colors and elements of the map. The layout is your classic double figure 8 type of map which means no matter which way you go you end up back in the center of the action. With plenty of ledges and platforms connected via jump-pads so you will not have a problem finding a sniper point or 2. Don't get comfortable because every area has at least 2 entrances/exits to it. Campers beware, just when you are getting comfy someone can and will come up behind you and ruin your day. The map might be a little light on armor and health for some but for the majority of players I think this map will come off as being well balanced and will play nice and fast.

Conclusion: This map has some classic lines to the layout and is quite fast. 4 players fit just right and when you get more in there it really gets crazy. Definitely reserve some HDD space for this one because it's well worth the download.

Reviewed by Z_Buffer

Tig's notes: Originally released as a Tourney map titled Take to the Sky (Tornado Remix).

Ranked: 4.1 out of 5 (16 votes)

Download: Take to the Sky by amethyst7