Take to the Sky (Tornado Remix)
Take to the Sky (Tornado Remix) by amethyst7
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6344
#12   15 Jul 2021
a couple of things could have improved this map: given the size and the openness of the map, 1. some ammo clips scattered about for the weapons (barring the LG) wouldn't have gone astray, 2. neither would some more health (2x25/1x50?), although, being able to rocket jump, from the ground floor through the bounce pads, to the MH is a nice touch. On occasions, you will find yourself respawning with the armour already taken, or very low on health following a fight. Once on the back foot, you must be very cautious with the routes you can take, making it hard to get back into the game, and extra ammo and health could have helped to remedy that. Otherwise, item placement and level design is great.
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raspatan Rep. 4508
#11   04 Jul 2020
Nice, visually interesting, fast-paced map. If anything, just a bit too small for a 1v1. I really love the fact that you can shoot through the floor mash. It gives the gameplay another extra push (not that it needs it though)
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FragTastic Rep. 2343
#10   02 Mar 2012
Incredible brushwork and textures used in this map. It's outstanding to see a very well detailed map in action.
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FragTastic Rep. 2343
#9   06 Jan 2012
Wow 9.5/10.
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AEon Rep. 770
#8   21 Aug 2009
I love these clean design maps... less is more. Alas Hunter is too good in that map on Hardcore, I get totally slaughtered, sigh.
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zak unregistered
#7   30 Jul 2003
Along with Amethyst7's Sleep to Dream, a great arena. Both maps are very fast intensive arenas against the silent unknown background of deep space. Two of my favorites.
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amethyst7 unregistered
#6   06 Jan 2003
Hey thanks for the great review and thanks for all the comments folks. I was definitely going for a small map, seems as though i accomplished it. Hope you all enjoy it.
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wviperw unregistered
#5   06 Jan 2003
A fun, fun map ame! :) About the comments that its too small: yes, it IS too small for a normal semi-competitive tourney game, but when you treat it more like a quick fun little arena to romp around in for a few minutes, its just the right size.
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VanZeR** unregistered
#4   06 Jan 2003
Great map:)
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EBUK unregistered
#3   06 Jan 2003
Nice map, looks great & loads of fun!
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nitin unregistered
#2   06 Jan 2003
too small IMHO, the original was better sized but obviously had its own problems with tourney play. jaxtourney1's probably the smallest playable tourney map IMHO.
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krekits unregistered
#1   06 Jan 2003
An excellent map but it's a tad too open. Scale is perfect but the map is just a bit too small, but for ultra fast tourney games it's a must download.
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