Community Map Pack 1
Community Map Pack 1 by CMP team

6 beautiful maps in this excessively feature packed map pack released by some of the finest in the Q3 Mapping community, such as Mr.LyCon (Project Leader), Q, Corsair, amethyst7, and evillair (from HFX).

CMP1-DM1 - Apocalyptic - This level seems inspired by q3tourney2; it features the teleporter-fall-to-death bridge, and has the central power plant room with double jump pads, and two stairwells to the second tier. Game play is moderately good with rockets, lg and rail.

CMP1-DM2 - The Core - Absolutely redefines the genre of cool level. While the lighting seems a bit washed out (and most of these maps do), this baby packs nice brushwork, geometry and game play. There are hidden things in here so keep your eyes out, and don't be afraid of the 12k r_speeds, this map is worth it!

CMP1-DM3 (Best) - Trajectory - Blueish-like temple with GREAT geometry - I'm beginning to see some people exceed nunuk! This map alone proves this map was made by pros! The game play is nice and fairly open, with funky looking nooks and crannies that just scream professional. Nice job Mr.LyCon!

CMP1-DM4 - Kinky Pinky - Very pink level, almost looks like the womb... Anyway, this one is symmetrical, and has the good brushwork. It doesn't feel up to par with the others however, I think this map could've used a but more variation.

CMP1-DM5 - Take to the Sky - Nicely polished stylistic tournament level feel. Fast paced, great aesthetics, and very tidy game play. If this map were to be renamed, I would call it 'River' because it flows very well.

CMP1-DM6 - DSI:47 - Cool level, nicely flowing game play, everything has it's own little spot and weapons 1-7 are included. I would've expected a bunch of other textures though, but it's ok, the geometry is cool to look at.

Overall, this map pack is a must have for every Deathmatch player who wants something cool to play. Definitely professional grade, I cannot wait to see the next map compilation, because I will definitely cream my pants with OO's and AH's all over again.

This should have been on your hard drive 10 minutes ago!

Reviewed by BFG20K

Ranked: 4 out of 5 (16 votes)

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