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Community Map Pack 1
Q3A-CMP1 (Community Map Pack 1) [for Quake III Arena]

Thank you for downloading official-cmp1.zip

Unzip the enclosed file "Official-CMP1.pk3" and place it into the /base3 folder located
in your Quake III Arena game folder. This maps is designed for use with Quake III Arena
and/or Quake III Team Arena.

This mappack requires Q3A Pointrelease 1.31 to work as intended.

The CMP1 map-pack is made out of maps from well known mappers around the community,
it's a team effort, to give you the very best maps from the community!
The following people have taken the time and effort to give you the CMP1 mappack.

Author: Chris "Mr.LyCon" B. Jensen
Project Leader
Map(s): CMP1dm1, CMP1dm3
Email: **email removed**
Homepage: www.Quake3House.com

Author: Jon "Q" Hesbrook
Map(s): CMP1dm2
Email: **email removed**
Homepage: www.lvlmaker.co.uk

Author: Laurens "Corsair" van den Heijkant
Map(s): CMP1dm4
Email: **email removed**
Homepage: www.quake3stuff.com

Author: Chris "amethyst7" Matz
Map(s): CMP1dm5
Email: **email removed**
Homepage: amethyst7.gotdoofed.com/

Author: Yves "Evil lair" Allaire
Map(s): CMP1dm6
Email: **email removed**
Homepage: www.planetquake.com/hfx


title: Community Map Pack 1
file: official-CMP1.pk3, official-CMP1.txt
authors: CMP team
web site: www.planetquake.com/cmp
email address: **email removed**
description: Quake3Arena MapPack with "pro" quality maps.

play information:

Numbers of maps: 6 maps
Bot support (aas): Bots are fully supported and thay play fine (bots love small maps),
but this mappack was designed for multi-player/internet use.

pk3-File contains: .bsp, .aas, .arena, textures, levelshot, shader, readme file.
Custom textures: Yes
Custom shader scripts: Yes
Custom Models no (some recreated models)

Deathmatch Yes
Tournament Yes



Evil lair for the evil 8 textures
MrLycon for the energy effects & CMP banner
Titan skybox From the Mind of the Mighty Pete!

Chris "MrLyCon" B Jensen: for making the CMP1-dm1 and CMP1-dm3 level,
and for managing and being projectleader on the CMP project!

Jon "Q" Hesbrook: for making the CMP1-dm2 level, for giving tips and solutions :)

Laurens "Corsair" van den Heijkant: for making the CMP1-dm4 level.
Chris "amethyst7" Matz: for making the CMP1-dm5 level.
Yves "Evil lair" Allaire: for making the CMP1-dm6 level.

Thanx to:
Mr.LyCon (Projectleader and manager)


Run the levels on the latest point release to avoid
any problems

Projectleader Chirs ' Mr.LyCon' B Jensen


Copyright(c) and Permissions:

Quake III Arena is a registered trademark of
id Software, Inc.

Authors MAY NOT use this levels as a base to build additional levels.
You MUST NOT distribute this level UNLESS you INCLUDE THIS FILE WITH
This levels may be distributed ONLY over the Internet and/or BBS systems.
You are NOT authorised to put this levels on any CD or distribute
it in any way without WRITTEN permission.
All maps copyright their respective author.
Textures copyright their respective owners.
(c) Copyright 2002 CMP1-Team. All Rights Reserved

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