Temple of Many Deaths
Temple of Many Deaths by Fraggel*of*Quebec

The author explains that this first map of theirs is a hybrid combination of q3dm7 & q3dm4, with added secrets.

The original levels by Id have been cleverly spliced together with tricks and traps. A great testimony to what the author could achieve with the editor. A great learning level for the author.

Game play is ok, bots play fine with no hassle.

The idea of a split in the very fabric of the eternal arena(s) is a great one that would be best applied to the authors next original release.

Download for a gander.

Reviewed by EBUK.

Tigs notes: This release supports both Deathmatch and CTF game modes.

Ranked: 2.2 out of 5 (14 votes)

Download: Temple of Many Deaths by Fraggel*of*Quebec