Temple of Many Deaths
Temple of Many Deaths by Fraggel*of*Quebec
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Colton Rep. 359
#3   21 Mar 2016
Agreed. It would make for a ton of q3dm7 rehashes though. Although this map actually seems nice, although I'm gonna try & reduce the size of the botfile (and fix the botplay on CTF mode). I'll make a patch file with such a file on it. It's all it needs anyways.
Edited 1.2 days after the original posting.
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AEon Rep. 770
#2   21 Aug 2009
I normally like the reinterpretation of existing maps, especially when several "classic" maps have been connected in an interesting new way. This map does have the element of clever connections, but alas all the "good" areas from q3dm7 have been deleted, and all the areas I only mildly - personally - care for from q3dm4 dominate the map. Alas, not quite as much fun as I had hoped for.

Reminds me that it would really be cool if id released the source for all of its maps.

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Flaun unregistered
#1   10 Nov 2008
I actually quite liked the layout and idea of the map, but it was 'very' laggy.
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