Pretend Girlfriend
by pjw
Pretend Girlfriend by pjw

Pretend Girlfriend is a small maze like tech style map which looks very good. The textures and shaders are done well and give the map a crisp, realistic feeling. This map is mostly tight hallways with openings above and below for multi-platform fighting. Most of the action is in the center with one player on a level above or below the other.

Weapon placement on the level is good. With a RL rewarding those players who stay near the bottom and a RG at the top. Health and armor are well placed and makes it difficult to max them out before meeting your opponent. Ammo boxes are around but are not very useful because you will always be close to a weapon. Included are the RL, RG, SG, GL, and LG.

Bot play is nice. The bots will take the MegaHealth, but stay away from the red armor. The bots access the whole map and can be quite challenging.

A slower tournament map with a different style of tight close quarters action. No flaws in this one. I'm definitely keeping it!

Reviewed by DaStinger.

Ranked: 4.1 out of 5 (14 votes)

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