Crossed World
by uoz
Crossed World by uoz

The setting of this map is a platform in the orbit of a strange planet in a foreign system. There is something reminiscent of the id map 'The Capture Chamber'. Like there a monolithic style is predominant. On the whole the map is divided into two levels. The bases are arranged in a straight line the paths between are designed very detailed and various. The author made a great job creating all the walls, ceilings and grounds with absolutely well-placed trims, pipes, ornamental structures, effects and lights. Great brushwork. All this in combination produces a dense and pleasant atmosphere.

Unfortunately the frames are low because of all the effects and eye-candys most of the time especially at the center. You only get better results with newer graphics cards (like GeForce2 generation or better). The main texture set is Gothic mixed with tech elements isn't well chosen thinking about a platform in space. But this could be a question of taste. The spaces around the flag positions are be a bit small, so you often die flying into space.

Item placement is ok. Bots do not act perfectly, sometimes only standing around and seems watching for whats going on. Could be some solid areas. I also spotted a bot standing around underneath the red base sometimes.

Good map with nice atmosphere and worth the download. Because of some weaknesses possibly not a keeper for long. Higher system requirements.

Reviewed by Puppetmaster

Ranked: 4.3 out of 5 (4 votes)

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