Crossed World
by uoz
Crossed World by uoz
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Grant unregistered
#9   09 Dec 2022
To get the railgun, you need to use the personal teleporter. In this map, the personal teleporter is specifically set to teleport to the secret rail-gun room only. The growth point of the personal teleporter is under the bridge at the center zone of the map, where it share the same growth point of the Kamikaze.
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Anonymous unregistered
#8   07 Apr 2019
In my opinion, this map along with crossed worlds are among a couple of the best CTF maps ever created. Very cool layouts and solid game play. Long live Q3 (and Godzilla!)... peace and fraggin.
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foreign quake3's fan unregistered
#7   03 Apr 2019
Awesome map! But how could I get into the secret railgun-room?
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Foreign Quake3 fan unregistered
#6   31 Mar 2019
Awesome map! But how could I get the railgun in the secret room?
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FragTastic Rep. 2269
#5   03 Feb 2012
Your Team Arena Maps are awesome :).
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EmeraldTiger Rep. 2553
#4   18 Nov 2010
A pretty good, overlooked CTF map. I had fun playing around on it with bots, wish I could play it with humans too, though. Would make an excellent Quake Live addition.
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? unregistered
#3   11 Sep 2002
Ok.... Sorry, I didn't realize that.

I'll pay more attention in the future.

The maps are sure fun!!! Just had some problems with textures in Q3.

Switched the pk3's into missionpack and Whalla! :-)

Keep up the great work everyone.

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#2   11 Sep 2002
All maps reviewed are listed on the main page (this has always been the case). It makes no difference if its CPMA, RA3, UT, TA or any other mod. The TA and RA3 sections are for 'quick searching and listing only' Once we have a 8 or more levels designed for a mod I'll add a section for that mod. I guess I could add a CPM section now... I'll look into it.

Also, it is better that you only make one post, or even email me if your post is not about the map listed. Not really fair for the mapper. There is a forum which I do read as well.

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? unregistered
#1   11 Sep 2002
If this is Team Arena....

Why is it not in the Team Arena download area of Lvl ?

Does it play on normal Q3 ?

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