Hydrogen by keditok

A small map created in 1 week for turtlemapping. The gameplay is fast and frantic with the bots playing well in vanilla q3. This level is compatible with Threewave, Team Arena and Q3A CTF however I have only tried it with the latter.

The theme is techy and the texturing is clean. Not brilliant to look at but bearing in mind that this was created in a week this is not surprising nor is it a problem. Textures appear to be a mix of Evil lair and base Id textures. They work together to create a cohesive and good looking level. The light is just about right, not too dark and not too light.

The level is small but not too small to be cramped. The corridors and spaces are wide enough and although there are some corridors, they are great fun with a Shot Gun! The upper area adds a little change and its always nice to see a little bit of sky in a level. One thing that I would complain about is the fact that it is hard to tell which way the bases are. There are occasional lights in the bases colour and some coloured fog here and there but on the whole you need to be alert to know which way you are heading.

The item placement is balanced. There is enough health to keep you alive if you are not under heavy fire but there isn't enough to keep you alive through everything. Some 50 health balls spread around make this balance and the MegaHealth in the tunnel through to the blue base also acts as a marker as to the base you are heading to. The red armor in the red base also helps if you are a little slow :-)

Summing up: Good fun, bots play well and give a challenge to a moderate player on medium difficulty so should be enough to keep most people happy. A keeper for me, even if you dont play it a lot, it is worth the download for a quick round or two!

Reviewed by [HYDRUS]

Ranked: 3.7 out of 5 (11 votes)

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