"Hydrogen" by keditok

April 16, 2002

This is "Hydrogen", a small fast CTF map, also compatible with all Team Arena,
and Threewave game types. Play is somewhat similar to Q3CTF1. Recommended
for teams of 3-5.

. . . and remember please this is aimed at fast, fun, and possibly tourney
play. Tt was built with furious gameplay in mind in the team spirit, not to
be pretty. If you can't take the heat, stay out of the arena! :p

Of interest, the original map was made as part of a week long friendly
mapping competition, better known as turtle mapping.


Special thanks to the turtle mappers, Sir Fragalot, Shallow, Darth, Tetzlaff, Boromir,
toddg33, Rayden, and of course the Threewave crew. Also thanks to Astrocreep,
and the crew at Map-Center. Thanks to everyone else who helped me beta test.

All content is copyright by id, or keditok.

Please do not distribute, this map or any of my beta maps for
commercial purposes without my consent. Also, please delete any beta maps when a final
has been released to minimize hard drive use, and to make sure the map plays and looks



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