courbe dominante
courbe dominante by Elmar Steinböck

I did a little Latin research, and Courbe Dominante means, as well as I can conclude, Violently Dominate. If that's not the real title, its still an appropriate one because this level is an all out frag-fest. It comfortably holds 4 to 6 players, and bots play terrifyingly well.

At first, the many corridors seem to be confusing and random, but after a few minutes, you learn the layout of the map and see that everything always leads back to the big, open room in the middle. It's a Gothic style map, and was very cleanly made using id's textures and just the PERFECT amount of the shiny metals that we love so very, very much.

The item layout is great, with the Regen and RG being in rooms with only one entrance/exit, thus increasing the danger of getting these important items. The MegaHealth and Body Armor are both placed in alcoves in the wall; everything has its place in this map.

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