Do you remember Love
by poub
Do you remember Love by poub

It is hard to tell how big this map really is - the simple geometry and textures make it rather easy to get lost. However, the lack of great detail means this map will run well on just about any machine - on mine, the frame-rate rarely drops below 100 (I have a GeForce2), even with bots.

The scheme is Gothic/block and the author has made reasonably good use of so few textures. The scheme is a little plain, and I noticed some z-fighting and mismatched textures. Also, the lighting is rather uneven. Bots do seem to hang around the Mega-Health area, although they never appear to have any trouble getting around.

There is plenty of health and armour - maybe too much. Great for those with slower machines.

Reviewed by Dayve

Tigs notes: - This level shows a lot of promise as far as layout for a good Team Deathmatch level. The brush work and texturing is a little rough but the layout is pretty solid.

Ranked: 4 out of 5 (6 votes)

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