by Sara
Doghouse by Sara

"Big house where dogs play poker at night" is what the readme file says...hmmmm this doesn't look like any doghouse I've ever seen. Doghouse is a very large DM level which includes a Tudor inspired interior area and a castle theme outer area. Since this is Sara's first map let me start with what's good about the level. There are some nice custom textures and some clever twists (like a bed that's a jumppad). The center of the map (around the rocket launcher) has a good flow and the game play can be pretty intense there as bots navigate this area well. The r_speeds are quite good averaging around the 3000-4000 level and the worst view at 9000. Ultimately though this map falls victim to many typical "first map" problems including overlapping brushes, overwhelming textures of the same color and areas which are very boxy looking. Additionally, there are several places you can fall outside the map by rocket jumping over outside walls. Large areas which are rarely used hurt the game flow as you spend lots of time running around looking for a battle. Weapon and item choice/placement is good overall although the area could have benefited from a few powerups due to it's size. Bots play ok but tend to stay in the central areas.

I would skip this one but keep a lookout for future offerings from this author.

Reviewed by PeaceFrog

Ranked: 3.6 out of 5 (12 votes)

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