Majors War Room
Majors War Room by <P>Xeon

Xeon has done something very cool and very wrong here. However, I was and still am able to overlook the wrong because of the fun I have in this map. The levelshot was not taken in the normal style, and there is no title upon loading the level. However, I got most of the info from the readme. Anyway...the map is one huge, open, symmetrical square room. The cool thing that the mapper has done is allow for a huge range of players. Since it's so open, you can see virtually anywhere in the map. You can play any where from a 1v1 to an 8 or even 10 player Deathmatch. It's amazing in that sense. However, I would like to complain about the item placement. On the bottom level, you can pick up 6 weapons in about 7 seconds, but the ammo is soooo faaaar awaaaay! There's too much empty space on the map. The rocket launcher and railgun are only accessible by teleporter, or maybe a rocket jump, but you need to have the rocket launcher first to do that :p. If you enjoy using the RL in large, open areas, you'll LOVE this map. The texturing is Gothic and simple, and the lighting is simple as well. It's not too hard on the eyes. The brushwork and clipping is very clean and precise. The bots play well and navigate the entire level. This is the kind of level whose looks get boring after 3 minutes, but the fun doesn't stop for 3 years. The only other complaint I have is the stretched textures on the pillars; he should have naturalized them, but oh well.

I would definitely pick this one up; it's a small download, but its openness makes it huge. Endless fun for the whole family! Try tourney, Deathmatch, and team Deathmatch!

Reviewed by syKo

Ranked: 2.4 out of 5 (10 votes)

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