by Totr
Soo by Totr

This map consists of an enormous open area with four water pools with goodies to pick, and an upper area with some connected rooms. The architecture is square and simple, with almost no detail. The rooms in the upper area are more or less a trap, since a player who gets in there won't come out easily if the enemy waits for him to come out again. The area with the pools is a sniper paradise, there is no cover at all, and the Quad Damage in the center definitely makes the leading player unbeatable. The red armor is submerged in one of the pools lower corner, and it takes a lot of time to pick it. The bots tend to dive immediately in the pools to pick an item. Take the Rail Gun and practice some zooming - that's all.

This map suffers from having almost no cover and being flat. I'm afraid it is best to leave it alone.


Ranked: 2.7 out of 5 (4 votes)

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