Majors War Room
Majors War Room by <P>Xeon
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<P>Xeon unregistered
#6   07 Aug 2002
Sorry for you fps, but this was my first map. I hope you like it.

Have lot of fun with this map. :)

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Alexandria Munro unregistered
#5   20 Jul 2002
I just had a feeling.... I opened the pk3 with Pakscape and found this inside the arena file in the scripts folder.

It is a beta :-)

Early Settlers was another map though??? But is has MWR_Beta beforhand.


// MWR_beta - Early Settlers Arena Script



map "mwr"

longname "Majors War Room"

bots "Klesk Sorlag Orbb Angel"

timelimit "20"

type "ffa"


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The read me LOL :-) unregistered
#4   20 Jul 2002
Perhaps this needs to go over into the beta section.

The read me is dated 2000 at the top and 2002 at the bottom.

It says to - Unzip the contents of into.......etc.

LOL :-) But it is fun to play

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Alexandrea Munro unregistered
#3   20 Jul 2002
Anyone bother to notice the two blocks floating in mid-air. You can see them in the screenshot, on right side after the stairs...under the walkway.

They are part of the edge trim of the upper level.

Looks like the mapper simply forgot to put'em in place :-)

This is a FUN, FUN Levevel!

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Kell unregistered
#2   18 Jul 2002
Just as a matter of interest, what is generally considered low/med/high spec for playing Q3A these days?
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Octovus unregistered
#1   17 Jul 2002
May I ask, how does the FPS do in this map? I know it isn't fancy looking, but if you can really "see virtually anywhere in the map" it must get a little slow when there are lots of people? (I kind of have a crappy computer :-( )


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