Nafley pack b1
Nafley pack b1 by oNiCkz

This pack contains a map with two versions: a vanilla version and a Rail Gun version. The small map is mainly a two dimensional arena, since the roof is so low that you bump your head against it if you jump. This, together with the use of only one texture, will make you feel claustrophobic, which is good. Basically, you have a set of extremely narrow, interconnected hallways, and a larger open area. Now take this architecture and place a BFG, a Rail Gun, the hook, and a grenade launcher, included in the vanilla version. Add also two yellow armours, lots of health (which is needed, believe me), the Quad Damage, the teleporter item and the invisibility item please. Result? Blood bath. You wont even have the time to feel claustrophobic. Bots play ok. The rail only version is not of much interest, since in many cases you will prefer the gauntlet or the machine gun. The author did not include an arena file, you have to load the map from the console typing "map nafley_b" (or nafley_c for the rail version).

Download the 80 KB file if you enjoy to fool around a bit before playing a "serious match".


Ranked: 3.8 out of 5 (20 votes)

Download: Nafley pack b1 by oNiCkz