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Nafley pack b1
Map infos: ---------- Date: January, 1st, 2000 Name: Nafley pack b1 Version : b1 (including maps nafley_b and nafley_c) Designed for Quake 3 Arena Players : [2 ; 4] Author : oNiCkz Location: Paris, France Website : http://onickz.ifrance.com/onickz Comments: This map is little so is for fast moving players. Installation: ------------- Unzip Nafley.zip to your baseq3 dir Notes: ----- Nafley_b and Nafley_c are the same map, but Nafley_c has been redesigned for Rail guns lovers. If you want to share this map, you have to share the whole zip file, including the BSP, the AAS, and this TEXT. You can distribute this file freely over the Internet. This map can not be sold. If you plan to share it through a public Cd-rom or Dvd-rom, please contact the author.
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