High in the Sky
by A10k
High in the Sky by A10k

A medium sized space-style map...only in the snow. To begin, the looks are very simple: everything is white. There ARE different textures, but its nearly impossible to distinguish between them. The two textures that you can tell are different are the missing one (which takes up about half the floor and walls of the level) and the green that A10K used to emblazon his name on a high wall. The brushwork is very sloppy, and it seems that he rotated brushes more than clipping them...thats a big mapping no-no. There is a linear accelerator and a jump pad, but they also look white and it's incredibly hard to see them. My curiosity (and a bot stepping onto one) led to my discovering them. With that said, bot play is just fine; the bots dont need to see past the white and they handle the map very well. However, the overall flow is not just fine. On one half of the map there is a maze of very narrow platforms (all made with the missing texture) with a border just as tall as you are. This is very nerve-wracking, because you have about two body widths to move in and its impossible to avoid the splash damage...I tended to avoid that side of the map. There is an invisibility, but you cant see it because it's white just like the rest of the map. The one thing about this map that positively caught my eye was the skybox (made by Sock), but I only found it attractive for awhile, because those are becoming clich_d insanely fast. Finally, the item placement seemed a bit random. There were either too many items in one place or not enough. I encourage the mapper NOT to give up on this level, but to refine it; clean the sloppy brushwork, fix that missing texture, and try making ledges with more depth than 8 units. With that being said...

This map can certainly be fun, but only for a couple of rounds, because the whiteness and the missing texture are both very oppressive.

Reviewed by syKo

Ranked: 2.8 out of 5 (4 votes)

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