by Jora
MetalMeat by Jora

This map was made for a challenge at MapCenter. It was a "box map" challenge with no limitations except for the size of the box. As the author states in the readme, he was unable to finish the map within the time limit which can account for problems with the map. The map looks quite pretty and uses a combination of sock's and evil lair's textures to good effect. The item placement is dubious as the most out of the way weapon is the plasma gun which is the least useful weapon on the map, there is also a shortage of defensive items with only a yellow armour and a few shards for defence. The rate speeds are high (also stated in the readme), and there is no botfile.

Download it if you are interested in the competition.

Reviewed by VisionThing

Update: - There is now a valid AAS file (for bots) available for download right here. (16.Jul.02)

Ranked: 3.3 out of 5 (3 votes)

Download: MetalMeat by Jora