BicycleRepairMan's CTF 1: SPEED
BicycleRepairMan's CTF 1: SPEED by BicycleRepairMan

This is your basic space/platform-style CTF map, with minimal (actually non-existent) frills, atmosphere, or textural panache, suggesting that the author was concentrating mainly on the game play aspect. Unfortunately this is a great let-down: there is only one route to follow to get to the enemy base and one route back, which makes the map very monotonous. Some alternative routes to and fro would help considerably.

Texture-wise simplicity is the watchword here, with a couple of id textures modified with CTF colours, and two new (team colour-coded) acceleration pad textures. These are fairly clean and simple, though there is one glaring error: for reasons unknown the author has used the 'black' texture for the sky-box instead of the 'blacksky' shader. This means that you see RPG impacts, bullet-holes, gibs and even dropped weapons (and, more importantly, flags) on the surface of the skybox itself.

As for the weapons: well, there are just too darn many. As well as the customary RL and RG, the PG, Shot Gun, LG (!) and BFG are also present, though the BFG is placed in such a way that it is impossible to get without falling to your death in the process (I'm not quite sure what the author had in mind here). Defensively-speaking there is a good supply of health on each base - though no MegaHealth - but the YA is only reachable when approaching the enemy base (i.e. there is no armour for defenders). There are no powerups or holdables either.

Bot play is about average for this type of map, and in theory, with only one route to and fro across the map, they should navigate flawlessly. Positives? Erm - it's a small download (713Kb), and the player is as predictable as the bots, allowing a rare 'level playing field.'

Overall, I'm afraid this map - almost certainly one of the author's first - isn't really worth the download, though.

Reviewed by seremtan

Ranked: 1.3 out of 5 (10 votes)

Download: BicycleRepairMan's CTF 1: SPEED by BicycleRepairMan