GON2 - Back to Navarone
GON2 - Back to Navarone by Quint

A sequel to the floater The Guns of Navarone. There are two separate sections to the map, each containing staggered levels. These sections are connected by jump pads and stylised accelerator pads. Good weapon, ammo, and item placement to keep the player scrambling around the map. Plenty of high ground for campers and even a Quad. But as in most Quint's maps, there is a trap waiting for you if you linger too long.

All weapons excluding the PG and BFG are featured. Health and ammo shards are a little heavy on the map. Bots move about the level with no problems and gather weapons in all the hard to reach places. They will also shoot at the switches, so beware.

Another different floater map by Quint that is well worth having, so download it!

Reviewed by Meatboy Dogfood

Note: A second version with music is also available. Thanks Mapsking for this information. 22nd Nov, 2023

Ranked: 4.1 out of 5 (19 votes)

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