Maligo by Sloanbone

Maligo is a map that will remind you of Castle Wolfenstein. The outside of the castle has a slight convincing atmosphere.

The lighting inside of the castle is dark and very hard to make out where your going. Most of the castle is one solid texture with small trim. There are plenty of texture alignment problems.

Buttons are present but they leave no sign of what the lead to. Weapon placement is very free-form with no skill involved to dominate the map. Most of the map is symmetrical with little flow. Bot support is present but the bots try to keep going through the gate which guards the invisibility. The bots also keeping hitting the switches but they are too slow to get in the gates it opens.

This map would have been better for Return To Castle Wolfenstein with some modifications.

Reviewed by Evil_Cremator.

Ranked: 1.9 out of 5 (27 votes)

Download: Maligo by Sloanbone