Chickenteam CTF - Mappack 1
Chickenteam CTF - Mappack 1 by Chickenteam

4 finely tuned, awesomely textured, professionally designed Capture the Flag maps for your fraggin pleasure from the Chickenteam. All this in one easy to download package. How can you go wrong? Each of the 4 maps are set in different locale's by 3 different author's but they all share a common theme: proper power up / weapon / item placement to facilitate a balanced game. Rather than go into details about each map I'll just summarize the list of maps and authors and urge you to visit their website!

  • ctctf1 (Crosstown Traffic) by Ferrao
  • ctctf2 (Midnight Keep) by Geit
  • ctctf3 (Furious) by Geit
  • ctctf4 (Bold as Love) by Juliet

The LONG list of credits in the readme is ample proof of the amount of work involved in producing levels of this quality - both in 'spit and polish' and in keeping with the ideals of Capture the Flag. Bots played as well as they can on CTF.

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Reviewed by Brad 'notime' Kiefer

Ranked: 3.9 out of 5 (101 votes)

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