Temple of Nanna called Sin
Temple of Nanna called Sin by Arcana

A symmetric gothic-styled map featuring large open areas connected by stairs and hallways. The authors first public release includes a CTF and DM version. The CTF game play is somewhat simple since you have only two ways of running from one flag to the opposite one: via teleporting or running through hallways that connects large open rooms. The teleports save you large distances, and they are preferred by the bots. The Quad is positioned in the center of the map and will provide some serious carnage. The DM game is a real blast: good brush work, custom textures, custom sounds, and new map objects, all in harmony :) The predominant colour is red, but with a rich variety on textures and shaders, and very good lighting. The game play is rather flat, with very little verticality. Making the map asymmetric would have made the game play more interesting. The item placement is also somewhat questionable, since the shotgun is placed in a rather central area while the shaft was put in an secondary place. Bots play well, but they concentrate on the mega-health area.

A really nice work with great eye-candy. It's just a bit bland on game play.

Reviewed by *papri-K*

Ranked: 3.6 out of 5 (8 votes)

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