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Added: 28 Feb, 2002   More than 15 years old
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Lunaran's Lunmetal textures make their appearance in another arena, and we find that they are put to good use. The connectivity is okay, but there seem to be missed opportunities. The +25 health ball near the Lightning Gun should have a possible jump to the Lightning Gun, and the bouncepad near the Red Armour is simply stronger that it needs to be. The item placement is really a disaster, as the Red Armour and Megahealth can be run very quickly, and there is not even a Yellow Armour for a losing player to make a comeback with. Smaller examples of item problems are the two grenade clips placed in close proximity to the Grenade Launcher, and the +5 health ball placed on the island in the Red Armour room that should be swapped with the nearby +25 health ball. The bots tend to gather around the LG and let Phobos run up the score in a FFA.

Leave it alone unless you just want to look around.

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