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FragTastic Rep. 1400
#24   22 Jan 2012
Amazing! 10/10.
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Marduk-Pain team unregistered
#23   27 Jun 2002
If u played to guard the mega life u shall win with big amount of frags. It iz sad if someone camp on I floor or iz close to megaL, all of oponents would pray Jesus to survive.Rocket is to close to mega life.It iz important detail couze we r very good and on the same skill level, and first perzon with rocket and megaL is realy hard to kill.
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Pure Imaginary unregistered
#22   04 Mar 2002
#LvL on EnterTheGame IRC is available as well. =)
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ant unregistered
#21   04 Mar 2002
The place for map feedback is #LvL on Quakenet IRC. We're bored and have nothing to do :]
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Pure Imaginary unregistered
#20   02 Mar 2002
The main problem is that servers with custom levels put up too many custom maps; it takes only one bad or even just mediocre map to freeze up and ruin a server map server. Since custom level servers don't realize this problem, they end up only running the default levels.

Fortunately the Threewave project has been successful in establishing its own levels as the standard for CTF, but unless you release a stunning arena, your work will be reserved for mostly bot games and LANs.

Submitting your map here is always a great way to get feedback, though. :)

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[Kona] unregistered
#19   02 Mar 2002
yeah i noticed that stats are still pretty good for q3. but, wolf is almost the same now.

but, i was actually going by the amount of downloads new q3 levels get these days. and there's really only one review site left. 175 dl's, a year ago would have been 1750 dl's.

so really, it's just that not many ppl seem to be bothering with custom q3 maps anymore, which is a shame.

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d00m5uck4 unregistered
#18   02 Mar 2002

You of course have every right to do what you want!

But your maps will certainly be missed.

I however disagree with you on

"the [q3] community is really thinning out"

I don't think so, I may have not the overview as some of you have, but looking at

<a href="www.gamespy.com/stats/" target="_blank">www.gamespy.com/stats/</a>

and seeing that 3 out of the top5 use the Q3 engine (in one form or the other) and the number 1 uses an enhanced Q2 engine, I cannot follow your argument on both "thinning out" and "new game".

Specifically, of the 5 games, only UT and Q3 are non-pseudo-realistic shooters, but highly advanced (at least Q3 *teeheehe*) action fraggers.

None of them is actually a new engine, eventhough RTCW und MoH Anal Assassin are of course new _games_.

And if you think that the community of Q3 shrinks, why do you want to map for a game that's community is stable at the status of "insignificant"?

BTW: Quake 3 will survive longer than RTCW, anyone want to bet against it?


D5, stopping ranting right now!

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Rackat unregistered
#17   01 Mar 2002
Sorry about the miss-spell Octovus. Guess I've read too many classics. I had to stop myself from spelling it Octavius! =)

Seriously though, there are a great bunch of peeps at BG that are always willing to test any map. Just check out the link in my post below.


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[Kona] unregistered
#16   01 Mar 2002
oh i appreciate lvl's reviews and all the reviews they have done on my maps. i guess the ra and mh were a bit close together. i kinda liked it that way, but then i suck at q3. yeah you might have told me to move it octovus. i can't remember, this was a beta 6 months ago haha. i'm just glad lvl have now added it to the list :P

as for my q3 retirement: i believe i have done enough q3 levels. i don't play it, dl maps or even have it installed anymore. i'm sure i could do better and better, but also the community is really thinning out. i would like to do some mapping for newer games - alice, fakk2 or wolf. and then halflife2 (just so i can use wc again!) and doom3.

thanks for the comments guys!

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Octovus unregistered
#15   01 Mar 2002
And I'm beta testing something no one even knows about mostly...by a well-known mapper...all I mean is you'd be better off looking everywhere than just one place. Syabha, excellent point...and Rackat again, you could check the spelling on my name (I shouldn't mention it but NO ONE gets it right :-p)
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Syabha unregistered
#14   01 Mar 2002
Item placement?

I don't need items.

Download and play it InstaGib

or Railor (Tag 'm..).

I find it a very good looking map and it plays very nice.

Thanks Kona.


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Rackat unregistered
#13   01 Mar 2002
So there is a definite crowd that Lvl works for, and then there's CPM, and arena style levels, and CTF players, and everything else; there's definitely no "right or wrong" place." ~ Octavus

Sorry, but I gotta disagree with you. The Burial Grounds mapping forum is frequented by a wide assortment of players from the CPM & FFA players to CTF players. There is not a more well rounded place to test maps, IMO. The Burial Grounds patrons have been given the opportunity to BETA test maps from some of the best Q3 mappers in the community such as charon & Jax_Gator just to name two.

So Kona, if you want some really good feedback on a BETA, hit the mapping forum at Burial Grounds:

<a href="www.burial-gr...30&LastLogin=" target="_blank">www.burial-grounds.com/ (Long URL)</a>

btw ~ I really enjoyed the map. No problems powering up against bots. =)

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Octovus unregistered
#12   01 Mar 2002
I think the best thing is to get feedback either:

(a) From everyone you possibly can

(b) From the audience you intend the end product to be for

So there is a definite crowd that Lvl works for, and then there's CPM, and arena style levels, and CTF players, and everything else; there's definitely no "right or wrong" place.

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Butt*Munch unregistered
#11   01 Mar 2002
Beta feedback at LvL is a hit or miss affair, as you well know. You can find some thoughtful players at Burialgrounds and the Challenge-World forums who'd be willing and able to help if your truly serious about optimizing one of your levels for 1v1 or TDM play.

Well Said! Please join our map editing forum and reconsider your position! Your maps occupy my Top 10 and I have 3 of them in my 16 map rotation!

<a href="www.burial-gr...30&LastLogin=" target="_blank">www.burial-grounds.com/ (Long URL)</a>

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Commander Keen unregistered
#10   01 Mar 2002
Kona I hope your joking about this being your last Q3A map, I love all your work and think you're one of the top best Q3A mappers out there. You have a very specific style that is all your own. Keep going brother fnck the critics!
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d00m5uck4 unregistered
#9   01 Mar 2002
"but for some people, the looks of the map will make any map fun regardless of anything else."

I know for sure that this description does not fit me.

I am just back from a replay. Let me tell you, that I apparently remembered the wrong map.

It was another one with the Doom textures, I won't say which one, (but it rhymes with jummy b00bies).

and btw, it is also better than I remembered.

Back to topic!

alkdm14 is awesome!!!

I had 4 hardcore bots in the arena and it was a sh1tl04d of fun! Sure, the RA and MH are dangerously close together, but I found the respawn times are ok for the fast paced gameflow. Some nice jumps and short cuts.

And I really can't (under)stand all the people complaining about tight maps. Finally a map where shotgun and grenade launcher are not useless.

Well, normally a clear 10, I think I have to substract 0.5 for the MH (which should have been omitted totally IMHO).

Leaves 9.5, round it up 10.

Yes, I AM serious.

BTW: I kicked Phobos' 455, he likes that! :>

BTW2: I had no problems powering up against hardcore bots, winning 17 of 20 /fraglimit 10 games


Count me in for your map-pack.

But hey, I think I already have most of your maps :)

So which game are you leaving to?

I hope Doom ]I[ :D

Feel the base!


/back into kitchen

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Pure Imaginary unregistered
#8   28 Feb 2002
Levels like these are always tough issues. :)

The FFA play was quite disappointing for me, but for some people, the looks of the map will make any map fun regardless of anything else.

If you don't mind setting the bot skill a little lower so you can get a chance to power up, the game could possibly then be playable, but the gameplay really is below par against most other good looking maps that don't really focus on gameplay. It depends on your priorities.

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D5 unregistered
#7   28 Feb 2002

"and we find that they are put to good use."

Oh well? "we" = Pure Imaginary?

Pluralis majestatis?

Anyway, the map looks terrific, especially for a Doom fan like me, play it with Doom/Phobos/Crash models and the Doom sound package ;).

Anyway, I agree the item placement is not as well thought out as the optics/architecture, but the map is better than it sounds in PI's review, if you are not into competitive 1:1 but FFFA (Fun Free For All).



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hannibal unregistered
#6   28 Feb 2002
Kona, you've always had a very distinctive touch in the editor, and I've kept many of your maps around for just that reason. But a good group of beta-testers is key to creating a level with longevity in the gameplay dept. Beta feedback at LvL is a hit or miss affair, as you well know. You can find some thoughtful players at Burialgrounds and the Challenge-World forums who'd be willing and able to help if your truly serious about optimizing one of your levels for 1v1 or TDM play. I hope you reconsider leaving the Q3 mapping scene.
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Octovus unregistered
#5   28 Feb 2002
Actually, I commented on it in the beta section...and a few people there agreed with me about a change the reviewer didn't like. So, sorry if I contributed backwards :-) Nonetheless the level is a tad cramped, and IP isn't exactly great for tourney, so it's not going to be perfect any way you play it.

But PI is a good deal too harsh imo (understandable coming from the competitive slant). There is some gameplay too be had, and I'd say it's worth the DL...it deserves a 7 or 8, but I'm scoring higher since the average is so low.


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[Kona] unregistered
#4   28 Feb 2002
oh. well it's shame no one bothered to tell me these major item placement errors in the beta section.

well this was my last q3 map, so, er, enjoy it? heh. if i ever bother to install q3 again, i'll probably make some kind of pack of my best q3 maps, since there's about 10 of them. would anybody like to see that? and what maps would u like in it?

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nanoSpawn unregistered
#3   28 Feb 2002
a kona's classic map, carefully detailed and with good taste on aesthetics, may need some more work on gameplay and item placement, but since i know him a bit from a few irc sessions, i wont criticise this map since he maps just for the fun of it, Kona may do great stuff just with a bit more of concentration on the map, he's a great mapper for sure. Anyway, gets a 6
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hannibal unregistered
#2   28 Feb 2002
Exact-a-mundo PI. Needed more elbow room in spots and verticality ta boot.
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wviperw unregistered
#1   28 Feb 2002
Most people would just give this map a good review... it looks cool... and its by kona. But I think I agree w/ you PI. The level is okay for a bit of FFA, but item placement kinda killed it in a few areas. Also, it was a bit too tight for my tastes in a few areas.
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