Ascendancy's Gym
by Gear
Ascendancy's Gym by Gear

Possibly the oddest map I have ever seen, this map was apparently designed specifically for practicing trick jumps and such. The author lists it as "A Gym to practice your moves" and I guess you could use it for that. It has one starting point, with a Rocket Launcher in the outdoor room with you, and you're supposed to Rocket Jump up a few levels to some teleporters and go jump around some other areas. The .pk3 includes many of the original id scripts and textures, which are not needed. The tree's have some problems, namely they have black edges on the image, and you can't walk through the large black edge. Z-fighting in a few places. No bot support. Also, no arena file, so if you want to play the map you'll have to load it through the console.

Skip this, unless you want see something weird, or are actually looking for a "workout" map.

Reviewed by amethyst7.

Ranked: 3.4 out of 5 (8 votes)

Download: Ascendancy's Gym by Gear