Ascendancy's Gym
by Gear
Ascendancy's Gym by Gear
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Zod Rep. 182
#6   11 Nov 2013
Me asusta la idea de poner los árboles en el mapa como si fueran posters o algo... lamentable cuanto menos.
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amethyst7 unregistered
#5   25 Feb 2002
Hey Octuvus - I did find the level odd, also found the fact that it should be reviewed on LVL odd, which has reviews about maps you can play against others on. Not that anything is wrong with making a different type of map, or a workout map like this, but I reviewed it as I would a normal map, and stated that it was designed for workout.

I mentioned "no bot support" as bot support is one of the main things requested in the "how to write a review" section. Also, wouldn't want people thinking they could play this in DM, then D/L and not be able to.

It does have some very interesting secret areas in it though. :-)


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Octovus unregistered
#4   23 Feb 2002
This actually sounds pretty have to keep in mind you're reviewing a novelty map amethyst. After all, what kind of a comment is "no bot support" in reviewing a trickjumping level? :-p This sounds like the sort of map you could try with defrag...though including ID textures does sound rather moronic ;-) Trees seem a bit odd too. But arena file doesn't matter too much either for a map that you don't play in one gametype or another (did that sentence make sense? :-).
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Gear unregistered
#3   23 Feb 2002
Did you try to RJ the jumppad and another to the secret place ?

Keep up the good work and good luck :)

A lot of SKILL killers out there came to the course, they were damn good. I was amazed at the performance they showed me.

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#2   22 Feb 2002
Personally I found the map interesting but would have liked to have seen a way to jump to a certain section of the 'gym' without having to go all the way through the course.

My suggestion to people that d/load the level is to play it by using the 'devmap ascend' load option so you can then use noclip and skip to section you wish to really muck around on

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Gear unregistered
#1   22 Feb 2002
I did laugh hard at the review.

sorry for the fucked textures and, have fun as I had myself.

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