Drift Away
Drift Away by wviperw

Custom textures provide intense visual contrast that helps to set the atmosphere. Waterfalls, steam, and broken glass make the level look flat out impressive. The lighting is dark in some areas but it doesn't significantly affect game play. The game flow is tight in most areas of the map, and there is a bit of learning curve to finding your way around. Items are well distributed. The combination of the Rocket Launcher and the MegaHealth works because of the abundance of weapons. There may be too much power at the bottom of the map with the Red Armour, MegaHealth, and Quad Damage all included. There are some great trick jumps (some requiring CPM) which allow players to climb up the map. Although it appears that a Plasma Gun or stronger jump is required to travel up through the tunnel from the Quad Damage.

A winner in FFA or TDM.

Reviewed by Pure Imaginary

Ranked: 4.2 out of 5 (24 votes)

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