The 3 Dayer
The 3 Dayer by the Shib

A relatively simple, very linear, Tourney map, with more teleporters than an episode of Star Trek. The texturing is standard Gothic with trims, but it does have a very stylish looking grid roof, which encloses the map nicely.

Game play is pretty dull, the lack of height in the map makes it fairly monotonous. Item placement is also a little suspect: In such a small map it seems unnecessary to have two rocket launchers, and a Rail Gun which can only be reached by a rocket jump. Bots roam the map well though thanks to the teleporters.

Not a bad release.

Reviewed by shots.

Second Opinion (09th Feb, 2002)

This map will be enjoyable by both CPMA and Vanilla Quake 3 Tourney players, although it has been designed to take advantage of some of the tricks you can only do in ProMode.

A uniquely designed and sculpted addition to your map pack, everything about this map is great: Flow is perfect, weapon layout is perfect, design is both original and executed well, lighting is bang on - intensity and mood are there in abundance. Which is why I have to say I'm disappointed in a couple of texture misalignments on all the rounded fa├žade's and around the door by the armour shards for example. This map could have been perfect - this map SHOULD have been perfect. As it is, its only great. Bots played very well.

A keeper.

Reviewed by Brad 'notime' Kiefer

Tigs Notes: notimes review was submitted but had become lost on my hard drive. This is why the second review was not originally included.

Ranked: 3.9 out of 5 (14 votes)

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